Hi, I'm Leah.

The path becoming a dog walker and petsitter was not unlike the experience of walking my own dog; it was strengthening, fun, tiring, and I often ate things I REALLY shouldn't have.



My love of animals started when I was a baby, reaching from my stroller for every dog that passed. I volunteered for the Animal Humane Society as a teenager and then for Can-Do Canines when I was in college. After earning a bachelors degree in sociology at Hamline University, I enrolled at Globe University to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology.

After several years in general practice, I moved into specialty and referral medicine, working at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Blaine. It was there that I sharpened my technical skills, working as an oncology technician for two years and then moving into a float position, helping all departments, with a focus on ICU and patient care.


Why choose me instead of wag, or another larger company?

Consistency. I will always be the person to walk your dog. Forming a routine for your pet creates structure and expectation.

Variety. This is Minnesota, guys. It rains, it snows, it’s humid, and fall is never long enough. When the weather doesn’t permit more than a potty break, your dog’s visit will include puzzle toys, interactive games, and maybe even some clicker training! Dogs need mental exercise, novelty, and the freedom to make choices in their lives as well as physical exercise. A physically tired dog is not necessarily a ‘good’ dog.

Medical background. As a Certified Veterinary Technician, I have experience in the ICU, Internal Medicine, and Oncology departments of an emergency and specialty hospital. I will notice if anything is slightly off with your pet and quickly take the correct steps to ensure they are safe and healthy. I'm also comfortable with post-op pets, aging pets, and pets with diabetes and other medical conditions that need to be carefully monitored.

Dog Training Experience. I am a current student at Karen Pryor Academy and will graduate in June 2019 as a Dog Trainer Professional. Since starting this business I have been geeking out on dog behavior and training, and working with Abby Hartman of It’s Training Cats and Dogs, LLC. I only use evidence-based positive training techniques, and understand the importance of effective communication and consistency while working with and walking dogs.



Currently enrolled at Karen Pryor Academy

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) since 2010

4 years of experience working for BluePearl specialty/referral hospital

Focus on internal medicine, oncology, and intensive care

Relief ICU technician at BluePearl in Blaine, MN

Licensed LLC & fully insured

10+ years experience pet sitting/dog walking




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