Hi, I'm Leah.

The path becoming a dog walker and petsitter was not unlike the experience of walking my own dog; it was strengthening, fun, tiring, and I often ate things I REALLY shouldn't have.  

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Satisfied Customeowers


Leah does a fantastic job taking care of our three kitties while we travel. She sends frequent updates to let us know our girls are well. Our foster cat requires pills and multiple eye drops due to her cataracts and ocular surgery, so we were worried about hiring a regular pet sitting company. Leah handled her with compassion and made sure she got all of her medications twice a day.

When she noticed one of her eyes looked off after her surgery, she contacted Capri's ophthalmologist and facilitated adding in a new medication (even going to the store to get it!).  She goes above and beyond and I don't know what we'd do without her!

-brianne, paul, kitsi, cali, and foster kitty capri

Leah took excellent care of Kylie and sent us photos, videos and updates every day during our two-week vacation. There’s nothing like a video of your food-obsessed cat stuffing her face (with full audio) to let you know everything is okay at home. Thanks, Leah!

-claire, joe, and kylie the cat