frequently asked questions



1. I'll come to you for an initial consult to meet you and your pets. We will go over visit needs and details, and I'll get the lay of the land.  Vet forms and your contract will be provided to you at this time, and keys will be exchanged. 

2. I'm all set for scheduling visits with your pal!

3. After each visit I will communicate with you however you request (text, email, phone call) to let you know how everything went.

4. It's only me! I will do my very best to accommodate walks and visits, but they are subject to availability.  

Are you a member of psi (pet sitters international) , or napps (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters)?

No and no, and I'll explain why.

In order for me to join an association, it must add actual value to my business. PSI and NAPPS are not policing organizations, so they don’t provide any guarantee to clients. Anyone can pay the fee (which is a bit pricey) to become a member and put a logo on their website, but it doesn’t make them qualified to be your pet sitter. I am a Certified Veterinary Technician in the State of Minnesota, which means I went to an accredited school and passed board exams. I work as a relief ICU technician and complete ten continuing education credits every two years. I also belong to the Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians (MAVT), through which I renew my certification, attend annual conferences, and connect with other vet techs in Minnesota. My credentials speak for themselves!

Do you watch animals in your home?

I do not watch any animals in my own home.  I have my own zoo of pets with their own unique medical issues.  Thankfully I have a trusty keeper (i.e. my boyfriend) to tend to them while I'm away.  My insurance policy is also limited to me watching animals in their owner's homes, and I'm happy to make your home look 'lived in' to deter any break-ins. 

do you pet sit birds?

No. I'm terrified of birds. 

can i request last-minute services?

Absolutely. I will do my best to accommodate. Requests are subject to availability. 

what is your service area?

Regular walks are limited to Minneapolis, while overnights and special services (cats, pets needing medical management) are available in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Please understand not all areas of St. Paul can be serviced due to proximity of my daily walks. 

how CAN i pay you?

I accept credit cards, checks and cash. Pricing on website does not include local or state sales tax. Payment is required prior to the start of services (leaving cash or a check at the first visit works, too!).