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Also be sure to read my service policies.

free consultation (dog walking/cat sitting)

Private Dog Training consults (45-60 minutes)-$75

Consultation give me time to meet you and your pet(s) in the comfort of your home, learn where supplies are kept, and discuss how I can meet your expectations. 



15, 30, 45, or 60 minute daily walks available.  Your dog will have the same human every visit (me!) to ensure consistency and comfort. Flexible times available upon request. 

$17 per 15-minute visit and potty break

$22 per 30 minutes

$27 per 45 minutes

$32 per 60 minutes

$3 per additional dog

$35 for weekday visits outside of business hours. Only 30 minute visits offered.

$35 for weekend visits.

Walks outside of business hours are subject to availability. Only local service offered.



Whether it's a kibble refill and litter box stop, or full-on hide and seek, tailor your cat's visit to his or her liking. 

$22 per 15 minute visit

$27 per 30 minute visit

$3 per additional cat

This service includes general house care as time permits (curtains open and closed, mail collection, garbage / recycling / compost)

$35 if visits are outside of business hours

Only local service (Minneapolis) offered.


2019 graduate of the dog trainer professional program

Private training sessions

Positive reinforcement training and management solutions for the city dog owner!

Loose leash walking, everyday bothersome behaviors, leash reactivity, foundational, and husbandry skills are a few of my favorite topics.

60-90 minute session: $125

Four, 60 minute sessions: $400 ($100/off)

A minimum of four sessions is recommended

Only local service offered.



No charge if medication delivered in food or pill pocket

$5 for oral medications, eye drops, or transdermal/topical medication administration/application.

$10 for injections

$15 to administer subcutaneous fluids

If you have a tolerant diabetic, I can assist in teaching how to perform a home glucose curve, or perform one for you. Client must own glucometer and testing supplies. Please contact me for details. 


special services

As an experienced veterinary technician, I am confident in my ability to take care of pets with wide-ranging medical conditions. It can be stressful to leave your pal when they are on medication, recently had surgery, or are aging gracefully and require special care and a bit of patience. I will provide the nursing care recommended by your veterinarian, and you can trust that I will notice any change in behavior, appetite, or energy. You can be confident that your best bud is safe in my care.

Georgie was a foster I cared for after she was hit by a car

Georgie was a foster I cared for after she was hit by a car

post-op CARE

Has your Labrador recently had knee surgery, or your Yorkie had all of her teeth removed? Having worked in specialty and referral veterinary medicine, I've pretty much seen it all; from routine spays and neuters to pets that have been hit by cars and have multiple injuries. When you’re at work, you can feel at ease having a vet tech with ICU experience check in on your recuperating pal.  

My favorite diabetic, Barney

My favorite diabetic, Barney

diabetic CARE

I have many years of experience with diabetic pets, and know exactly what to look for if your pal is feeling off. I monitor food and water intake, and can monitor glucose at home if needed.  I know diabetic pets can be very delicate, and I can work closely with you and your vet to ensure your pet is being properly cared for while you are away. 

Rabbit is no longer with us, but we are thankful for all the time we had with him

Rabbit is no longer with us, but we are thankful for all the time we had with him

special needs

My first dog was a three-legged and wheelchair-bound the last year of his life. I am comfortable with any special needs services. I have recovered dogs after knee and back surgeries, fractured limbs, and cancerous tumor removals.  I am also trained to administer oral chemotherapy at home to dogs and cats. 

I also love geriatric pets! If you are looking for someone with patience, empathy, a pocket full of poop bags and quick with a spray bottle and paper towel, give me a call.

You’re putting your finger, where?!

You’re putting your finger, where?!

Nail trims / gland expression

It's hard to nail down a time, and a total pain in the butt to schedule these services. If you are willing to hold a peanut butter spoon or squeeze a can of cheese, together we can make it happen!

dog nail trim           $20

cat nail trim             $10

gland expression    $25

* These services typically need to be scheduled as appointments, though some pets are tolerant to nail trims without the need of an owner (aka treat dispenser). 

Service dogs receive a 50% discount on both services


Holiday Surcharge

Please note an additional fee of $10 is charged for services (per service) on the following holidays:

New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,  Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.